Here the Weasel can be seen with his lovely family who double as product quality assurers and sales associates. 

The Office Manager

Our office manager Wally has been with Weasel Works for 14 years. Wally keeps a close eye on the Weasel, making sure that he finishes work on time so that they can stroll around the park in the afternoon. Punctuality is very important to Wally!

About The Weasel

The Staff of Weasel Works

The Security Guard

Weasel Works is run by Gary Sedgwick, who goes by the nickname Weasel, hence the company name Weasel Works.


After 34 years in the research and education field, the Weasel retired to pursue his passion turning wood - preferably re-purposed wood - into functional works of art. 

Gary is a self-taught carver and wood-turner, as well as an active member of the Northern Alberta Wood Carvers Association and the Edmonton Wood Turners Guild. 

Our security guard Piper hasn't been with Weasel Works for as long, only 6 years, but she is very enthusiastic about her job. She also takes care of all our catering orders!