Most of the wood used is from locally salvaged trees.

    When asked why using reclaimed wood is so important to him, Gary had a few reasons: 
     1) There is such a beauty hidden in the wood that most folks have never seen before.

     2) Some species can not be purchased commercially such as Lilac, Caragana, Saskatoon.

     3) Trees that are being taken down are re-purposed and find a second life.

     4) Perhaps the most important thing: if I recover wood from your tree I will return something back to you (a bowl, for example) 

         so that the personal link between you and that tree will continue on.

         Often I have gotten wood from a tree that someone grew up with, and now even though the property is no longer in the family,

         that person still has a connection to the homestead. 

 Weasel Works is a family-owned business, run by Gary Sedgwick who goes by the nickname Weasel.

​         Weasel Works focuses on crafting beautiful tools and accessories for fiber artisans; starting with spectacular yarn bowls, and including 

crochet hooks and nostepinne that are a joy to hold; rustic wood buttons and stylish scarf pins that light up shawls and scarves.​